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Friday, February 15, 2013

Angels & Shadows Trivia

A lot of others don't understand how a story can change its shape over time.  Angels & Shadows certainly evolved between its concept in 1995 to it's second release in 2013.  Here are a few interesting things that you might like to know about the book.

1.  The book was originally a short story concept.  I started writing it in the summer between my 7th and 8th grade years in middle school.

2.  My dark angels were originally vampires, but as it progressed, I decided that what I had created was really nothing like a vampire, so I made them into something altogether different.

3.  In the original story, Sark was not a cold place.  It actually took place in a more temperate climate.

4.  Slatkin was originally supposed to turn to stone when he slept.  The idea was that he was something like a gargoyle.

5.  Amicus was originally a wizard, not a Shean god.

6.  The Shean god Amicus got his name from the word Amigo.  I remember it plainly.  I was sitting in an 8th grade English class and someone said the word Amigo, and the word Amicus just came to me.  I just thought it would be a cool name for a wizard.

7.  The hunters were not even created until many years after writing the book.  Originally, it was just a group of human characters.  (I can't imagine the books without them now.  The second book is grounded in their story!)

8.  The original series title for the book (back in 1995) was Six Kinds, Two Lands, Two Times. (I still have a mixed tape that has that title.  I recorded songs on it that helped me write.)

9.  The original book was hand written in red ink (to be symbolic of blood).

10.  I still have the first pen that I originally used to write the then short story.  (It was a Bic ballpoint pen with a kind of Southwestern type design).

I hope these entertain for now.  It's certainly great memories for me!  Maybe I'll have more to share soon.  

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