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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Land of Tahln

Tahln is a land much like our own.  I imagine it to be like a dark version of our own world.  Our world with psychic beings known as selbdes.  It was once a rich thriving land, where people carried on much like they do in our modern world.  However, it is now a useless desert, with ruins of cities scattered over ashen fields.  It is war torn, and the humans are all but extinct.  It is now a world where resources have been used up either by consumption, pollution, or in some cases, blasted into ash by the weapons of war.  Shekley's city, Trost,  is the only remaining place where anything thrives.  It is a city made of metal, black and towering on the horizon.  It is filled with his workers, or his creations, the mahldrusecs.  The world of Tahln is only briefly in the first book, but it's importance to the series continues throughout all the other books.  Shekley's city, Trost, and the history of Tahln is what the selbdes, and ultimately, the dark angels, are trying to put a stop to.  Shekley must not be allowed to repeat the history of Tahln in Sark and Shea.