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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Little Things

I recently moved back to the house of my childhood.  This is a great place of healing and nonstop inspiration.  For instance, just as I was leaving the house this morning, I noticed the way the morning sunlight sparkled off of the frost covered rocks in the driveway.  To some this must have just been an act of nature, frost on rocks.  To me, though, there was a story there.  A meticulous tip-toeing of frost fairies throughout the night, gliding daintily along under bright beautiful stars...dancing and singing in circles, spiraling hand in hand...then there was the scene of the trees.  Tall and dark, against the morning sun, with shadows coldly stretching out past the road, into the field beyond.  What are they reaching for?  I'm reminded of a dream.  These are the things of my dreams. Shadow trees, stretching, invading territory beyond their own lands.  Lurking tall and ominous against a distant light too far away for me to comprehend or fully understand...were there fairies nestled in the shadow trees, waiting to ambush me as I rode to work?  Were they perhaps feeling angry that I left without properly thanking them after they had provided me with such sparkle and shine for my morning, or do they not care either way?  Do they know that I even noticed their hard work one cold morning as I stepped into my car?  Are they perhaps at war with each other, these creatures of light and creatures of shadow?  One can only imagine what lies in the thoughts of invisibles...

...and so begins another story in my head...

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