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Monday, June 6, 2011

Operation B-4

     So, the first event for Operation B-4 was a huge success.  The people of Onslow County came together to raise money for those affected by the April 16th tornadoes.  There are no totals yet on just how much was raised, but I'm thinking it is a pretty good number.  Reimann Books was there with a panel of authors (including me).  We had a lot of fun enjoying the live entertainment (including Rob and Cindi West of which I'm both fan and friend), eating the delicious barbeque (served by the Swamp Loggers of Discovery Channel fame), and being part of such a worthy cause. 
     A lot of people volunteered time, money, energy, and so much more to this cause.  I was proud to be a part of it.  It really felt like we were making a difference.  This whole year has been filled with disasters of massive proportions across the globe.  I have felt helpless as I watched so many lives being destroyed on the news.  To be a part of something that turns so much negativity into something positive is inspiring!  I know that it was a success, but I'm sure that more money will be needed.  Operation B-4 is not done!  This is to be an on-going disaster relief for Onslow County, North Carolina.  When there are future events, I will be sure to post them.  Here are some links to some news stories and photos of the cause and the event! 

These are the stories.  This is why we're helping.  Get your tissues!

This is the Jacksonville Daily News Article about the event.

Also from jdnews:  A picture of my step-daughter (and co-author of "The Ruby Mountains" eating pizza at Operation B-4

These are the pictures posted on the Reimann Books facebook page.
Thanks you all who showed your support.  My prayers remain with these people who have to rebuild their lives and in some cases carry on without loved ones.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Books vs. Movies

     There will always be the classic argument of Books vs. Movies: Which is better?  My husband and I have this conversation at least once a month.  He is the kind of person who thinks movies are a time saver.  You might read a book for two weeks, but a movie is usually over in two hours.  If there's a movie, then why read the book?
     My argument for this is that the books are always better.  There are more details, and my own imagination sometimes makes the reading of a book way more entertaining than a movie.  Also, even if it takes you two weeks to read a book, that makes it something that lasts.  You get to know the characters, and you get attached to them easier through a book.  The more time spent with someone, the more attached you become.
     Also, when we read a book, something about it becomes more personal.  It's like the characters speak directly to you rather than to an audience.  It's like sitting down and listening to someone spill their life story.  It is unique, and at that moment it is private, and secret.  It becomes something special, like a friend that confides only in you. 

     However, I understand my husband's philosophy, and I truly think that a good movie is worth watching.  I still enjoy watching movies made from books.  In fact, I love it!  My favorite movie franchise is The Lord of the Rings.  What an awesome movie!  I love the books, too.  I think, though, that it is more entertaining if you've read the books.  It's like it makes it come to life. 
   I'd like to experience watching a movie and then reading the book, just to see it from my husband's perspective. Given the opportunity, which medium would you enjoy first, movies or books?