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Friday, August 16, 2013

Ghost of the Wandering Child

So, here's some insight into something I'm working on.  The characters will make an appearance in the final work, but this poem (probably) won't.   What does this mean to you, if anything?

 Ghost of the Wandering Child

Are you me
or the woman I could be?

Is she here to make you remember
or did you call her here to forget?

This wandering child
alone in the world

crossed paths with your blade
the one regret you couldn't make

so she's back at your door
maybe in ghost form

she's wandering still,
just a chance meeting you here.

You never have to follow
she never has to see

Whether you're me
or just the woman I should be.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer 2013 (or what I've been up to)

So time goes by as it always has.  It sneaks up on me and then zips away before I even realized what just happened.  That's how it is though. 

I'm working on several exciting things.  In the upcoming weeks, I'll be announcing some exciting contests, which will allow artists to become part of my website.  I also have some artistic endeavors of my own which I hope will help get the word out about my previous writings. 

Speaking of writing, I haven't forgotten what I love to do the most...

I have been working on not one, but two epic poems, a book of short stories (or perhaps a novel, depending on how it goes) with a character named Gracie.  I think you'll like her.  She's a little different from any other character that I've encountered in my writing ventures.  I'm also collaborating with a good friend of mine on a book of nonfiction essays.  Then there's the second Ruby Mountains with my daughter and finally the second Angels & Shadows, which is currently untitled, but I'm sure it will be named in the forthcoming months.

If that's not enough to keep a woman busy, there's the day to day things...laundry, yardwork, gardening, working part time at the library, and helping others publish their works through my publishing company Reimann Books.

So, I'd love to blog on here more and I will try to keep you updated.  Until then, you can usually find me on facebook (through which I've recently given sneak peeks into the next Angels & Shadows.  So it's worth checking out just for that). https://www.facebook.com/klstewartbooks

Until next time,

Have Fun!