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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Land of Sark

The Land of Sark is a cold, windy isle.  It is the home to dark angels, werewolves, and many strange beasts.  It was once ruled by kings and queens, but they were overthrown by the hunters.  Now it is a lawless land rampant with evil and cruelty.  The dark angels strive to bring goodness to the land, using their divine gifts.  The great hope is to restore a king to the throne.
Among all the oddities contained on the island, the strangest things to foreigners are the kial thieren trees.  These trees are unusual, in that they hold fire inside their core.  They are as hard as rock, and do in fact seem to be a combination of wood and rock.  They have charcoal black trunks, and many uses.  The people of Sark use them for food, because the land is scarce in other vegetation, and the roots of the kial trees are very filling, and can be put into many different recipes.  They also make kial brew, which is an alcoholic drink made from the fruit of the trees.  Some Sarkians smoke the twigs, which have a pleasing, spicy taste.  Clothing can be made from stripping the inner fibers from the wood, and weaving them together.  It is a tough fabric, but it is warm.  Furniture can be made from these trees, and of course, the most common use is lighting fires.  This practice is the most common in Sark, and has kept the residents surviving for hundreds of years.
Other oddities are the strange Valka beasts.  These creatures are larger than most elephants, but they have long, black, shaggy fur.  They have long trunks, tusks, and antlers.  They are usually peaceful, but have been know to stampede, crushing whole villages under their mass.
The hunters use the Valka beast in their symbol.  In order to become a true hunter, one must help in the slaying of a Valka.  These creature's furs will get the highest price, both in Sark and abroad.  It is one of the most prized exports of the hunters.

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