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Monday, September 27, 2010

Introduction to the land of Shea

          The land of Shea is a land of innocence, spirits, and dreams.  It is a world that sits on top of Sark, but can only be entered into by the elves, and those that they choose to bring.  It was made in the before time as a land of light to drive back the forces of the shadow god, Nometheog.  It has thrived in light and innocence for thousands of years.
          It is home to more creatures than can be named, all were the dreams of Selfirin, the creator of the land.  Some of the creatures that live there are the Shean Gods, elves, faeries, trolls, sprites, centaurs, gnomes, pegasi, griffins, and sylphs.  These are the most well known and well populated creatures of the land.
          The current gods of Shea are Kialo, earth god, Kristiniva, sky goddess, Adrianna, sea goddess, and Amicus, the messenger god.  Always there have been five gods, but the fire goddess has not shown herself in Shea for hundreds of years.  No one knows where she is, and most have forgotten about her.
          Any thing, including thoughts, that are considered dark or dangerous to the innocence of the land have been outlawed by the gods.  Instead of keeping the land whole, however, the laws of the gods seem to have caused a split among the races of the land.  The land is seemingly beautiful, and unblemished, but to those who live there, it is far from the land of innocence that it was made to be.

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