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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Worshipped

In the Angels and Shadows books, the Shean gods are both villains and heroes.  They are kings and queens of their own realm, Shea.  But to the Astrid and Ward tribes of Sark, they are gods and goddesses.  This gives them their power in Sark.  So not only are they responsible for maintaining peace and innocence in their own realm, but they must also ensure the lives and continuity of the tribes of Sark.  The Dark Angels respect the tribes beliefs, but Kristiniva is seen as a villain to the dark angels, after she stole Celeste to drain her of her powers.  This makes them wary of the other gods as well.

Kialo is the earth god.  He has dominion over plants, creatures, and fertility.  His power is in the dust of the Shean soil.  He can sculpt life, but he can also destroy it.  He lives in a castle made into the mountains, and yet, it is open to the sky so that trees and other plants and animals can thrive freely within.

Kristiniva is the sky goddess.  She is the queen of Shea.  She has rule over the weather, working with Kialo to ensure that life remains plentiful both in Shea, and Sark.  Her power is in the winds.  She can breathe life into the world, or she can blow it out.  She lives in a castle that constantly moves at her will, a magical place that moves atop clouds. 

Adrianna is the sea goddess.  She lives in the deepest oceans.  She is responsible for all of the water in Shea, and the rivers running through Sark.  She commands all of the creatures of the sea.  Her waters give drink to those who are thirsty, but they can also dry up at her command.

Amicus is the messenger god.  He is the one who must communicate between the gods and their subjects.  He can control how the other gods receive prayers, and how they are returned to the people.  He has not only the power of speech, but all communication.  He is the central god that maintains peace and innocence.  Without his power, confusion would abound, and tempers would flare. 

Thiera is the lost goddess.  Stories are told of her powers.  Those of fire.  Some say she was banished by the other gods.  Some say she never existed.  She is a forgotten goddess whose power came not from Shea, but from the sun itself.  The Astrids and Wards often tell stories of a before-time.  Thiera is always present in their tales.  Living in such a cold realm, they must have faith that she is real.

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