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Monday, May 2, 2011

She's Facing Me Book Review

The following is the Official Apex Review for She's Facing Me.  It was reviewed by Wendy Paulson.  It made my day to read this!  I couldn't have asked for a better review!
I couldn't get the images to upload to the blog, but it received four out of five stars. 

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     Throughout the pages of She’s Facing Me, her autobiographical collection of poetry, author K.L. Stewart presents the reader with a compelling portrait of a wounded soul’s daunting trek through life. Starting with her troubled beginnings in a dysfunctional single parent home, She’s Facing Me takes you on a moving spiritual journey with wide reaching ramifications.  As Stewart eventually comes face-to-face with deep, long suppressed truths, she ultimately learns to embrace the healing power of forgiveness – both for those around her and herself.

     Perhaps the most salient quality of She’s Facing Me is the strong underlying current of spirituality that anchors the collection. Without such a crucial crutch to fall back on, Stewart would no doubt have succumbed to the crushing pain threatening to consume her during the darkest periods of her life. Given all the suffering that she was forced to endure, one would expect Stewart to have yielded to the throes of misery and depression long ago; however, through the powerfully creative fervor of her inspired verse, she relates a determined, unflappable strength that the reader can’t help but admire. Also, in covering the all-too-familiar ground of single parenthood, dysfunctional homes, and the adolescent struggle to find where we belong, She’s Facing Me paints a vivid picture of conflicted life to which readers of all backgrounds are sure to relate.

     Thoroughly uplifting, She’s Facing Me is a welcome new addition to the world of poetic verse.


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