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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

incident in an elevator (blogging challenge)

I have joined a blogging challenge, and I hope that it helps make this blog more entertaining for you, my readers.  Today's challenge is to make an elevator pitch.  So imagine that we are in an elevator (in the city of Trost if it helps your imagination), and you're asking what my blog is about.  I would reply:

K. L. Stewart's Dark Angels is a blog about the characters, worlds, and inspirations behind the Angels and Shadows series that I am writing.  If my book was a movie, this blog would be the special features included in the DVD package.  Through it, I hope to entertain, connect, and interact with my readers.

"Unfortunately, this is my floor...thanks for listening."  The floor number is highlighted and the doors open. You notice an edge of flaming red hair start to slide out of the black hair, but I'm gone before you can do a double take to verify what you think you just saw.  It's the beginning of another strange day in the city of Trost.

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