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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Light Angels

Light angels are rare.  They must be bred of two dark angels, and from that union comes creatures of rare gifts.  Angelik, daughter to Victor and Celeste, is one of these creatures.  She weilds the power of innocence, which when used right can be very useful to the inhabitants of Sark.  She begins the tale in Shea, where she was born.  She must journey to her true home of Sark, discover her gifts, and begin learning what it means to be an angel of light. 
It almost seems natural for an angel of innocence to be born in Shea.  After all, Shea is the land of innocence.  Perhaps if she was born in Sark her gifts would have been different, and she would maybe have been the angel of purity, the angel of kindness, or the angel of hope. 
She was born in Shea, and that may very well have a great impact on the rest of her life...we'll see what the future books hold!

For now, I want to share some of the many thoughts on her gifts.  First of all, she absorbed winter when she came into Sark.  This will come into play later in the books.  For now though, the idea is that innocence is in a way ignorant.  She knows nothing.  She is like a blank sheet of paper, waiting to be written on.  There is nothing until the story is created by others.  This is what makes her the most vulnerable, and that is why Slatkin tries to protect her from the hunters.  Who knows what would happen if the hunters were to capture her...

There are lights that give comfort and help us see...then there are lights that blind us, and burn us!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dark Angels

Imagine what it would be like to feel the suffering of others, and still have to manage and live your own life.  What would you do?  How would you cope?  Would you see this as a curse, or would you turn this into something good, and try to end the suffering of the world?

That is, in essence, what it is to be a dark angel.  Each one is born a mortal, then they get chosen to be reborn as a dark angel, and their job is to defend and help those who cannot help themselves...those who are in dark places.

Each one must either rise to face the challenge, or be punished...vanquished to a place of nothingness...the void.

Each one posseses unique powers, given to them by the god Saigolai, the god of life.  Victor is the dark angel of Justice.  In the first book, his need to save his wife is driven by his love of her, but also by his quest for Saigolai.  He must see that Kristiniva is held accountable for her crimes against not only the angels, but the people of Sark.  She has not only captured a queen, she has captured and with held love from these people, who need it now more than ever.  Sark has become over run with evil souls, and there is no love to counter the darkness. 
Celeste, the dark angel of love, is on a quest to get home.  She is lost to her people, and she knows that they need her, but is powerless to get back to Sark.  In this way, love and justice work hand in hand in the book.  Their relationship is like scales, balancing.  I did not want to make either Celeste or Victor to seem weak, because both are powerful beings.  Each depends upon the other, though.  Celeste can not give her love to the people without Victor's gift.  Likewise, Victor cannot rule the people of Sark Justly without the reception of Celeste's love. 
Then there is Alexandria, a dark angel who stands independently.  She is the angel of Vengeance.  She hunts down evil souls, and repays them.  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a death for a death, a pain for a pain.  She is also skilled in spell casting (though this is a learned trade, rather than a gift).  Before coming to Sark she was a knight of Chimrion, highly skilled in combative arts.  Though she is tough, and independent, she is like the other dark angels, vulnerable at times, especially when she is not in control, and has not been given power to overtake her opponents.  The power ultimately comes from Saigolai, not the angels themselves.  It is a gift given to them, but at times, it is taken.  Always with a reason.

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