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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Rampant Imaginings (How the Dark Angels Came to Me)

When I first started writing this book it was supposed to take a weekend, and it was an idea that I got when I was 12 or 13.  The original idea was simple.  I was going to take all the things that entertained me, and put them into a short story.  I would have vampires, werewolves, angels, fairies, and all kinds of mythological creatures, and I would have them fight each other.  This, I thought, would entertain me through an otherwise very boring weekend.  As the short story progressed, I knew that it would not be a short story for very long.  It quickly morphed into a book, so by my eighth grade year of school I was writing a book, and all the other children thought I was weird and crazy.  By this time, I had discovered who my villains were, and an obsession had started.  All my spare time was put into this.  All of my free time in class was devoted to writing, any free time after homework was devoted to putting a pen to paper, and freeing the daydreams that wove their way through my thoughts, harassing me whenever I tried to ignore them. 

By the time I was in high school, it had expanded into a trilogy.  My villain was a little more developed, and I had all kinds of creatures coming to life inside my head, and complicated plots that I imagined over and over.  Maybe I am strange after all, because while other teenagers were discussing who broke up with who, and what so and so was wearing, I was living in a fabulous world of imagination.  No one else got it, but I didn't expect them to.  I just kep writing and believing that one day, I would finish it, and it would be a book that other people would read and enjoy. 

In college, I didn't write as much, and my series took a backstage to all the other things filling up my life.  Life happened.  The tale was progressing in my head, but not on paper.  It was there though, biding its time, and the characters were patiently waiting to be shared with others.  Finally, in 2007, I got married, and became a stay at home writer.  The first book in the series came together, and finally in 2010 it was released.  There are many more books forming in my mind, and I can't wait to share them all with my readers.  The Dark Angel series is expected to be about 7-12 books.  My hope is that others will read them and that the stories that have been developing in my imagination for over half of my life will be read and enjoyed by many.  You can find the books, and order them at http://www.reimannbooks.com/.  Enjoy!