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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to K. L. Stewart's Dark Angels

Welcome to my page where I will be updating you on the world of Angels and Shadows, and the Dark Angel Wars. These are a series of books, about Dark Angels, and their struggle to help humanity defeat the Shadow, an evil from the depths of the abyss which threatens to overtake all worlds, and turn them into something evil.

The first in the series is currently available at www.reimannbooks.com, and also at the Book Exchange located on Western Blvd. in Jacksonville, NC.

The following is the official summary of the first book:

Angels and Shadows
by K. L. Stewart

Across the lands angels struggle to gather. Men strive to find a place in their new land. The gods ponder the changes that have begun. A new darkness grows in secret, spawned by the Shadow driven out before memory.

In the first installment of this series, angels of light, darkness, and retribution must join forces against the mechanations of the gods in order to preserve hope in the coming struggle, and they must face the first tendrils of the adversary that has patiently waited for an opportunity to conquer. It has chosen a new route. From within the souls of men.

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