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Monday, November 26, 2012

Pass it on!

I read somewhere today that it takes ten years to become a known author.  Ten long years.  So, as I continue to write the second book of The Dark Angel Wars, I have faith that one day, it will be read by many.  I want it to be read by many.  I know it is not a series for everyone and I never intended it to be.  My wish though, is that for the few (or perhaps many) who read it, they will treasure it the way that I treasure my favorites.  Elizabeth Haydon, Lois Lowry, and Brian Froud books are certainly treasures to me among many others (including the obvious Tolkien and Rowling).  So if you read it and enjoy it, pass it along, let others treasure it too.  However, please purchase a copy for your friend.  Remember, authors have to work just like everyone else and without your support, we cannot continue to create these treasures.  We have to eat and pay bills just like everyone else.  So read it and pass it along.  Not just my books, but any author that you enjoy!  Without you reading, our books will never see the light of day, and we will cease to be.  Until then, read on!

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