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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

She's Facing Me

This is the first poem featured in She's Facing Me.  If it seems a little arrogant at times, remember that I wrote this in high school.

The Scribe

There was a young lady named Kristy
Whose eyes were always grey and misty
She was a scribe who scribbled her life
Down on paper with blood and knife
She loved to sit by the light of the day
And go about her work in her own way
And woe to he who challenged this girl
For her wrath would send him for a whirl
And although she tried to be courteous to all
Others loved to laugh and make her fall
To buy a horse she had no money
So she walked on foot singing “Honey”
She had a special pen with which she would mark
Words that came to her in the dark
Of the night, so when she would awaken
In her hand that pen would be taken
To her writing paper where it worked a charm
To all who read it the tale would raise alarm
For no one had ever expected her to write such
Wonderful things.  They had not expected that much
To come from the orphaned girl from Four Oaks
Who wrapped herself in coats and cloaks
She wore black boots made of leather
So that if rain should be in the weather
Her feet would not mire down or get wet
She was usually prepared, that’s a sure bet!
She looked upon others as strange, unordinary
Because they said that she was less than extraordinary
She did not believe them, nor to their words would listen
For she had a world on paper, where she would forever glisten

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