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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How do you cure Writer's Block?

Writers block is one of those strange sicknesses that overwhelms a writer's mind sometimes.  No one can really explain why this happens, or how to keep it from infecting us.  For each person the symptoms can be different.  For me, the one that is most prominent is a general irritation at everything and everyone around me.  I also pace, and get behind on other things like house work, because I'm spending so much time staring at a notebook or computer screen.  I get so irritated that everyone around me gets irritated, too.  However, there is hope.  There are some simple things I do to aid me in getting the story down on the paper.  I've learned to recognize the signs of my own writer's block so that I can take steps to ensure that writing continues as planned.  These are three things that usually work, but not necessarily in this order:

     1.  Write.  Anything and everything.  Even if it is the words writers block over and over.  Sometimes, that becomes different words.  I did that once, and ended up writing a poem called "The Block of Writers".

     2.  Don't write.  Don't write anything.  Do anything and everything except writing.  Clean out your closet, reorganize your office, dance, go for a walk, sing, call up your best friend for a lunch date, watch a movie...just don't write.  Sometimes getting away from the work brings new experiences, which brings new ideas...ideas which you suddenly feel the need to write about!

     3.  Read over older things that you've written.  Sometimes this doesn't let you move forward with new works, but it helps you refine old works, which still counts as writing!  That editor and perfectionist in you will come out, and sometimes reading the older works will give you a new outlook for current projects.  This has worked for me numerous times.

I hope that this helps.  It has helped me.  If you are a writer and have other things that you've tried, I would love to hear your cures for this illness!  Feel free to share, and let me know if these work for you!  Happy Writing!


  1. Hi! These are great tips to combat writer's block. I especially like tips 2 and 3. I've solved many a writing problem by not thinking about it for a while and looking over work that's already been written show where you're going.

  2. Thanks, sweepyjean. Unfortunately, this happens to every writer at some point, but hopefully, we'll be ready when it attacks!