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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Oro-what?

There are many kinds of characters in my books, so to make it a little easier to tell them apart, I've decided to break them all down into a basic list.  The characters listed below all make their way into the first book.  The only beings not listed are the gods.  I'm saving them for a list of their own, which I'm sure I'll need by the end of the series.  So, here they are!

Dark angels:  The Dark Angels of Sark are central to the story.  They each hold unique abilities that they   use to help humanity fight the darkness of The Shadow.

Light angels:  Light angels are creatures that bring light into the world, but they are more vulnerable than dark angels, and can often be led astray.

Orostiro:  These are children of the god Saigolai.  They are high ranking Dark Angels.

Werewolves:  These are both human and wolf.  They were given their abilities by the god Khanhine.  The reason the powers were given is still disputed.

Nephilim:  The nephilim are creatures who were never meant to exist.  They can only be born when an Orostiro mates with a human.  Since such unions are forbidden, nephilim are accidents, and often exiled.  They are naturally good with weapons and fighting.  They are tall and slender, often thought by humans to be half-giants.

Humans:  In Sark, there are three different tribes of humans, and then there are the townsfolk.  The tribes are the Astrids, Wards, and Quinlans.  The hunters are townsfolk, but they often make do for themselves in the wilderness, except in the extreme cold of the winter when they find residence in The Howling Wolf Tavern.

Elves:  Elves reside between the worlds of Sark and Shea.  They are the only ones who are allowed to pass through doorways.  Even the gods must have elves present to shift between worlds.  There are different races of elves known to exist throughout Shea.  They were the first soldiers created by Saigolai to defend the light and innocence of Shea.

Trolls:  Trolls are large creatures made of rock and stone.  They have wiry hair and they adorn themselves with permanent paintings and they carve ceremonial symbols into their skin (which doesn't hurt, since their skin is like rock).  There are two types of trolls, mountain trolls and forest trolls.  Forest trolls are brightly colored, Mountain Trolls are often black and Grey.

Fairies:  Fairies cannot always be seen with the naked eye.  They are spirits that waver in and out of the physical and spiritual worlds.  They can be as small or as large as they choose to, and their main concern is seeing that nature continuously flourishes in Shea.

Gnomes:  Gnomes are forest creatures that often live in holes near patches of mushrooms.

Pselbdes:  Pselbdes are from the futuristic land of Tahln.  They traveled to Shea accidentally, and are on a quest to stop Shekley and the Mahldrusecs from spreading the darkness that has devoured their homeland.  Pselbdes are psychic beings.  Each possess a unique ability.

Mahldrusecs:  These are creatures created by Shekley and the Shadow.  They are made to be soldiers, a mixture of human, and machine.  Once they have been changed, they are controlled by the Shadow, and are powerless to stop their own actions, even if they want to.

This is the basic list of character types for the Angels and Shadows series.  If I find that others become central to the story, I will add them at that time.  I hope this helps break things down for you, and that you'll continue to check my blog for more updates on this series.  


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